Captive Insurance Management

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What Is Captive Insurance Management?

Captive insurance management is a kind of corporate self-funded insurance. However instead of directly taking on the risk themselves, a company will create a subsidiary company that is a separate legal entity, and this company provides insurance and risk management services for its parent company. Especially for many larger corporations, captive insurance management may be preferable to purchasing insurance from a traditional insurance provider.

Benefits of Captive Insurance Management:

  • Provides coverage for unique risks that
    outside firms will not insure
  • Lower premiums may increase tax savings
  • Provides better control for the parent company
  • And more!

Is Captive Insurance Management Right for Your Business?

Our experts can help you answer this question, and get you set up on the right path for your company. Reach out to us today to begin learning more about the benefits of captive insurance management.