BIA Consultants Plus Program

Program catered to help your oil and gas business.

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Consultants Plus is an exclusive Bryan Insurance Agency Consultant Program for the oil & gas field consultants.

BIA Consultants Plus Benefits:

  • Defense unlimited for policies with $5,000,000 or higher excess liability limit
  • Non-auditable
  • Broad Additional Insured Endorsement including Primary/Non-Contributory
  • 1099 subcontractors are insureds
  • Professional – no sublimit – matching retroactive dates
  • Pollution – no sublimit
  • No classification limitation
  • No “fracking” exclusion
  • No site safety exclusion
  • No saline exclusion
  • True “follow form” umbrella including professional, pollution, auto liability, employers liability
  • Up to $10,000,000 umbrella limit – higher limits available if needed
  • Action over included
  • Commercial Auto – Covered Auto Symbols “1” or “2, 8, 9”
  • And finally, a reduced premium by $1,000 plus!